Dressing up an old wardrobe


A couple of weeks ago, I embarked on a mission to transform a dingy off-white wardrobe that had clearly seen its best days. I gave the doors a new lick of glossy white paint (see ‘How to paint your wardrobe‘ post) And since the interior was still a yellow-white that I know would always irk me, I decided to put a cheap wallpaper at the back. I wanted something white to ‘brighten’ up the otherwise dark, depressing interior. After hunting around, I found a discounted wallpaper at a hardware store for only 5€ a roll. What a steal!! It was perfect – vinyl and non-woven, I still couldn’t believe the find.

So with the help of a friend, we managed to put up the wallpaper.


Ceramic animal handles to go with the animal theme of the room.


Nice. I was really happy with the result πŸ™‚ but being the pragmatist, I decided that a hanging wardrobe wasn’t too practical for 2 little boys. A chest of drawers would have be better but I wasn’t about to throw out the whole wardrobe after all the time & energy invested in it! Back to the drawing board… I didn’t like the idea of shelves because I liked things hidden. Besides, without a drawer to hold things in place, stuff would be spilling out of its guts.

Then, I found the perfect chest of drawers from Ikea. It was the Hemnes. Fit perfectly in the space. I assembled it all by myself and even sawed off its legs to give it a more built-in look. I loved how it all sit snug in the wardrobe like it truly belonged there. Me happy!! πŸ™‚



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